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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a credit card required for a test account?

No credit card information is required for a test account.

Can I embed more than one simplicity block on a single page?

Yes. Multiple blocks can be placed on a single page. The core JavaScript is common among all blocks so that only has to be placed one time.

Do you host my widget?

No. We host the core embed code scripts and the launcher. Your widget gets loaded into an iframe from a location that you host. As many widgets will be stand alone applications with back-end functionality you maintain full control of that.

My widget shows an error that page cannot be displayed in iframe - how can I fix this?

SimplicityBlocks requires that your widget can be displayed in an iframe. We have an iframe tester you can use to see if your page can be loaded successfully in an iframe. The iframe tester tool is available at: If your page does not successfully load in the iframe tester we also have an article that shows how to allow your page to show in an iframe.

How can my widget communicate with the host page?

There are dynamic attributes that can be set up in your block configuration to define parameters when your widget is launched. We also have a send command method defined that allows to send commands to your widget at runtime that you have defined in your widget. Events can also be passed up with an object to allow the widget to send notifications to the host page. A document describing this can be viewed here.

Why do I see the text "TEST ONLY" and "SIMPLICITYBLOCKS.COM" on top of my widget?

When using the free test account you are limited with the number of requests per month and there is also a "watermark" that appears over your widget when it displays. This should not effect any operation of your widget as all events are passed through.

Why do you use a simple rating widget as your demo?

We needed to pick something as simple as possible that still utilized all aspects of host-to-widget communications. The demo rating widget has initialization attributes, methods and widget to host events which should help you see how to implement these yourself.

What browsers do you work with?

We designed SimplicityBlocks™ to work with ie11 and up and evergreen browsers. Of course your widget's design needs to have support for the browsers you wish.