SimplicityBlocks™ 2.0 Release Makes Easy Work of Building Universally Embeddable Web Widgets Using any JavaScript or Web Framework

Latest version provides JavaScript and web application developers with animation effects, universal data capture endpoint, new methods to enhance host page integration and support for slots.

Vista, CA – June 2, 2021 – Mifo Communications has released version 2 of their SimplicityBlocks™ ( product that lets JavaScript developers easily build universally embeddable web widgets out of web application that they have built with any front-end framework such as Angular, JQuery, React, Vue or even vanilla JS regardless of backend technology used, if any.

The resulting “simple building block” can be looked at as a low-code/no-code add-on that makes it extremely easy for a website operator to add new functionality to a website. With little or no coding website operators simply copy and paste a few lines of code into their site and instantly have the application built by the developer live on their site.

The SimplicityBlocks™ interface allows a developer to easily configure a launcher’s (the optional call-to-action button to launch the widget) and widget’s appearance on its host page with items such as size, color, animations, and delays. Other options give the developer control as to what domains can use the widget and they can also configure custom attributes which a website operator can use to customize the widget for their use.

CEO Mike Foitzik stated, “The new features added to SimplicityBlocks™ will benefit JavaScript and web application developers by giving them easy-to-configure options that enhance the integration of their application as an embeddable web widget.” He continued, “Although we have added many features that help with the overall presentation and display of a widget, I am most excited about the universal data capture endpoint feature which provides each configured block with its own API endpoint that can capture data fields posted to it. Additionally, the new slot support allows for embedding one widget in another widget.”

Use cases for the product include distributing universally embeddable web widgets for others to plug into their websites, micro frontend / micro app integration (allowing diverse technologies to be integrated into a single website), simplified form integration with data capture and unique call-to-action implementations and content syndication. Since the product is delivered as a cloud application it also allows for real-time changes to be made to blocks that are already installed and deployed. This makes it usable for call-to-action A/B testing.

Test accounts that feature full functionality are available for free at and do not require a credit card for signup.

About Mifo Communications
Mifo Communications is a web software development company in business since 1996. Founded as a web development company it has evolved over the years to create custom web and database applications for a wide variety of clients. SimplicityBlocks™ evolved from their own in-house needs to integrate custom functionality into other’s websites without interfering with their existing code base.


SimplicityBlocks™ allows JavaScript and web application developers to easily build universally distributable web widgets using any front-end framework.